eStar Enterprise eCommerce Technology

Not all eCommerce technologies are created equal

eStar is a world class enterprise eCommerce technology

eStar is up against the top enterprise eCommerce technologies around the world.

While these other eCommerce technologies promise the world, eStar has watched them closely, saw their flaws, and, over the last 15 years, has engineered an eCommerce technology platform that is highly scalable and powers some of the largest retailers in Australia and New Zealand:

David Jones, Bed Bath & Beyond, Freedom Furniture, Country Road and the list goes on.

In comparison, the other enterprise eCommerce solutions...

Have no implementation teams based in Australia and/or New Zealand.

Have no design teams internally who can guide businesses how to visually treat the eCommerce functionality to leverage the technology and apply best practice.

Call in separate creative/design agencies are called in to design eCommerce projects.  This is not their core competency and have little appreciation for dynamic consumer experiences where entire pages change on a single click of a page element.

Introducing eStar

Introducing eStar

Enter eStar, a large eCommerce technology organisation based in Australia/New Zealand who, over 15 years of success, has developed a world class enterprise eCommerce technology that has come from working and growing some of the most successful online retailers in this part of the world.

There are big benefits to working with a company comprising large development teams based locally.

The ability to have face to face meetings with technical teams ensures nothing is lost in translation.  A common issue when implementing a replatforming project with international implementation teams.

The entire organisation is passionate about the code base, and work hard to ensure the eCommerce technology remains at a world class standard.

One example of working with an eCommerce technology vendor who has full control of the code base

One example of the benefits to working with a company like eStar.    If customisation is required (which is normal) this uniquely created code is treated in a manner that ensures all future software platform upgrades (such as security patches) can be seamlessly applied.

When customisations are made on eCommerce technologies that rely on Extensions, the typical outcome is these websites break when attempting to apply a simple security update to the platform.

This results in extra development cost to repair and ultimately slows the retailer’s digital evolution and ability to enable amazing online experiences.

eStar wants partnerships with their clients

eStar is successful because they deliver success for their clients.  Some examples as to why...

  1. The proven ability to deliver highly complex projects successfully with their local teams
  2. eStar owns the platform
  3. The people – starting with the CEO – have deep experience in retail, best practice digital conduct, and eCommerce technology
  4. eStar has a design team in-house who have a full understanding as to how all technology needs to work
  5. eStar is always developing proven innovation into their eCommerce technology that align to global trends
  6. eStar takes new clients through a digital strategy process that calls out all necessary digital activities shaping the first phase of work to ensure ROI is achieved within a very short period of time

Digital strategy and data analysis is core to eStar's offer

Greg Randall supports eStar in the development of its digital consulting services: digital strategy creation, customer experience design, data analysis and ongoing consulting. 

Greg Randall partners with eStar to bring success to their new and existing retail clients, and as a result, these retailers are achieving  phenomenal sales growth through their online channels.

Strategic steering combined with a code base that can do virtually anything and properly scale, is a recipe for success.

If you want to learn more and determine if the eStar enterprise eCommerce technology is right for your business, contact Greg Randall now.